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Hello and welcome to my online home!Filmstrip sunflowers

I’m Elizabeth, a globetrotting aromatherapist.  I love massaging people better again, creating new potions, baking and experimenting with healthy recipes, growing herbs, taking photos, writing and blogging.

This online space is where I come to express myself creatively in words and pictures, it’s where I build my confidence, expand my skills, challenge myself and connect with like-minded souls.

In my blog I share my passions and interests, my daily struggles and moments of clarity through stories, photos, random thoughts and information.  Through doing this I’m finding out more about myself every single day.

What about my work?

I love getting to the bottom of things and have never stopped asking the question why.  The human body amazes me and I am fascinated by our ability to overcome adversity, physically, mentally and emotionally.  My own journey as a therapist started back in the year 2000 with a herniated disc and an awful lot of pain.

When it comes to easing the stresses and strains of life and unlocking tension then massage is my medium and essential oils are my tools.  The power of the oils still astounds me and I absolutely love choosing the right blend for my clients.  For me this is where the magic happens.

My work as a therapist allows my clients to experience the beauty and healing powers of essential oils in blends that are safe and workable for them.  Whether this is used in massage or through other non-contact methods, the benefits are plentiful.  Click here to find out more about using essential oils.

A certified aromatherapist and massage therapist, I studied with Neal’s Yard Remedies in Covent Garden in 2006.  Keen to continue my professional development, I have taken courses in advanced massage techniques, holistic facial massage, advanced blending of essential oils, herbal remedy making and natural product creation.

As unique individuals I believe that we deserve unique products blended for our needs at any given moment.  This for me, is what true aromatherapy is and this is what I am currently working on behind the scenes.

More about me?

I’m the second child of four
Big skies, open landscapes, wild coastlines and long beaches are where I breathe best
I’m more at home in a tent, cooking on an open fire than I am in most houses
I love cutting up magazines and making collages
Early morning mists and the dew on a spider web make me feel alive
I love good coffee, dark chocolate, red wine and shared meals
Immersing my body in freezing cold water is one of the most invigorating things I know
I am based in southwest France and share my life with this beautiful man, a fellow Brit and crazy runner!
Want to find out even more about me? Check out this post

Why don’t you get in touch?

I’d love you to stop by and say hello.  Why don’t you tell me a bit about yourself and what you have found to be useful or interesting in my blog, or maybe you’d really like to know how essential oils and aromatherapy can work for you.  Please contact me using the form below.

Look forward to hearing from you ♥


6 thoughts on “About & Contact”

  1. Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for following my photography blog, Jane’s Lens. I hope you are inspired. Interesting blog with some very nice images. I look forward to looking around.

    1. Hi Jane, thanks for stopping by. Your blog and website are both very inspiring with beautiful images. Has encouraged me to ditch my computer this afternoon and head out to take some photos of my own! Looking forward to spending more time looking around your blog.

  2. What a charming blog. I too hope to move to the countryside (North Wales), in the next few years.
    Really enjoyed ‘Leave your shoes at the door’, as delightful a little piece as I’ve read in a long time.

    1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments on my very short story. I’d like to do more of this kind of writing so your feedback is very encouraging. Good luck with your move to North Wales – a lovely part of the country 🙂

  3. Hi Elizabeth, I know these are kind of like chain letters and I normally don’t participate but received 2 nominates last week and decided to participate this time. In my acknowledgement / nomination section, I nominated your awesome blog for the One Lovely Blog Award due to the beautiful layour / photos / stories you’ve shared. Take a look when you get a moment and thanks for all your great work and support! http://quickmeups.com/2014/07/15/lovely-inspiring-blog-awards

    1. Hi Zachary, lovely to see you here 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind nomination ~ I’m not sure I have the time right now to participate fully but will head over to your blog to have a look at what the requirements are 🙂

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