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A visit to Saint Émilion – a photo essay

Yesterday’s weather gave the perfect opportunity to take a leisurely drive to the wine-producing commune of Saint Émilion.

Road sign

We were out of Bordeaux in a matter of minutes and into the lush green countryside of vineyards and châteaux.


Once in Saint Émilion we headed straight to the “caves” to see what was going on underground.



Barrels stacked

upon barrel,




upon eerie cave,

Wall art

with ancient wall art depicting the wine-making process,

Wine bottle 1957

and very old bottles of wine ~ wonder what that would cost?


Not forgetting the chance to taste the local wine too.  The most famous being Saint Émilion grand cru.

Vine plants

There was even the tempting opportunity to buy your own vine for €2.50 and start your very own vineyard.


Back outside and the stormy sky gave an impressive backdrop to the pretty stone buildings of Saint Émilion.


Time for a quick glass of wine ourselves before heading back to Bordeaux through the endless vineyards.


We’ll definitely be back for another visit soon ♥


2 thoughts on “A visit to Saint Émilion – a photo essay”

  1. those skies are glorious, thanks for taking me along on the tour. my only regret is that i was unable to sample a glass of wine. 🙂

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