Nature, photography & France

Stargazing and sleep

Universe GandhiRunning Boy couldn’t sleep last night.  Consequently neither could I.

We went outside at one thirty in the morning to walk in the garden and look at the stars.

The night sky was beautiful with so many bright stars.  The Milky Way was almost aglow.  I reached my arms up to the sky and looked at the dark shape of my hands against the brightness above me.

I remembered to trust the universe.

I remembered we are all connected and part of the same universal sea of energy.

I thought about the ripple effect.

I listened to the owls screeching in the night and realised that we are all animals of the universe.

I felt the smallness of my body and the enormity of what lay before me and I saw that my cares and worries really were inconsequential.

I felt like I belonged.

I breathed in the night air deeply and quietly headed back to bed.


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