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Ten things you cannot do with a Kindle!

Running Boy was asking me yesterday if I thought books would ever disappear completely in favour of e-book readers.  His question made me feel a little sad as I LOVE books and book shops, especially secondhand stores with their particular smell and exquisite finds.

I don’t have a kindle or similar device although I do have kindle for PC.  I have nothing against e-books and I do love that I can download a book instantly.  But for me books will always be my first love.

Plus, books really are multi-functional.  Here’s my list of ten things you can’t do with a kindle:

  1. Swat a mosquito (not with my voracious ninja moves anyway)
  2. Prop up a cabinet with one leg missing
  3. Hang it out to dry if it gets wet
  4. Wedge a door open
  5. Find a $50 bill in your kindle like I once did in a secondhand copy of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin
  6. Use it as a starting point for endless interesting discussions about books we have read, like you do when aimlessly browsing the open display of a friend’s bookshelf
  7. Pile a load of big kindles on top of each other and use them as a bedside table
  8. Find notes to lovers, shopping lists and underlined quotes from previous readers – I love finding these in used books
  9. Pick it up, feel its weight, smell it, thumb it, flick through it, run your fingers over it like I do with every book I pick up to read
  10. Have amazing interchanges with booksellers about particular copies of books.  I picked up Margaret Atwood’s Amazing Grace in a bookstore in Calcutta and amazingly sold it back to the very same bookseller in Bombay who had sold it three months earlier.  He pointed out his stamp on the inside cover and even got the ledger out and found out the exact date of the sale.  I loved the synchronicity of this.



Tell me – is there anything you would add to the list? What’s your favourite non-conventional use for a book?  Join the discussion by leaving a comment ♥


9 thoughts on “Ten things you cannot do with a Kindle!”

  1. Very useful for raising the head end of a cot when babies have the snuffles…helps them breathe better. Plus the physical action of reading with a child, turning the pages, starting on the left page, this helps them learn to read…can’t do that with an e-reader! Love going to the library with the children….real books will always have their place. X

  2. I now have work related books on my iPad and real books for pleasure!
    I love to go to holiday places and sometimes leave one behind or swap with one there…. That whole exchange bit can’t be done on iPads/kindles.
    Like the cinema when the lights go down for the film to start I still love the sensation of opening a book and starting to read….

    1. Hi Susi, thanks for reading and taking the time to leave a comment. I also tend to use my kindle (PC version) for more functional books than pleasurable reads. I love your mention of the cinema as it is a similar feeling with book ~ I would always go for the cinema experience if I had the chance.
      PS. Love your photos of Sicily – looks like a great holiday 🙂

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