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Quick creations

Despite the cool misty September mornings it is still incredibly hot here in western France.  A lovely extension to summer.  I’ve been busy in the kitchen today making two of my favourite things.

A blackberry crumble cake with blackberries picked from the hedgerows here.  And a lovely nourishing whipped body butter using my new avocado, mango and olive butters and scented with lavender and sweet orange – almost good enough to eat as well.  I love it when my hands do the thinking and talking for a change.

Hedgerow blackberries

The cake is a variation on a recipe from The Forager’s Kitchen by Fiona Bird and what’s especially nice about it is the addition of ground hazelnuts to the crumble.

whipped body butter

Elizabeth’s whipped Body Butter

  • 50ml vegetable oil (I used a combination of sunflower and sweet almond but the possibilities are endless)
  • 50ml nut/seed butters (I used a combination of mango, olive and avocado – you could use a combination or just one)
  • Essential oils of your choice (I used lavender and sweet orange)
  • Combine both ingredients in a top boiler or bain marie until everything has melted
  • Place in the fridge for an hour or so
  • Remove from the fridge and beat with a hand or electric whisk until light and fluffy
  • Add in your essential oils while beating (using around 30 drops of essential oil per 100ml)
  • Place in a jar and keep in a cool place

Et voilà!  Your very own luxurious body butter.

I’m now going to put my feet up and enjoy a slice of cake ♥

What are you creating this week?


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