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Feeling the fear?

About to go over the edge – snowboarding in the Alps
About to go over the edge – snowboarding in the Alps

I was recently asked an interesting question through an online blogging course and I wanted to share my thoughts as part of my first ever blog post.  So here it is:

Do you fear not reaching your dreams?

No, not at all, if my dreams involve travelling solo through South America, hiking in the Himalayas, adventuring through Asia with a backpack, learning to ride a horse cowboy style, camping alone in the wilderness, speaking on stage in front of thousands, taking up a twelve-month contract in a city or country I’ve never been to before.  No problem.  I have no fear.

But… starting a blog, on the internet, in my own name, possibly even with a picture so people can see me………  Then I know fear!!  And it’s not even a fear of not reaching my dreams, it’s a fear of starting out in the first place.  I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time and have been talking about it for ages (probably boring the pants off everyone around me) but I’ve also been putting it off and coming up with excuses and reasons why the time is wrong, the place is wrong, I’m wrong…..

So I don’t know what is different about today.  Maybe it was the beautiful sunrise this morning, maybe it was the porridge for breakfast with cream and brown sugar, maybe it’s my fear-busting combination of vetiver, sandalwood and mandarin essential oils that I’m burning, maybe it’s nothing special, but today is the day I face my fear and start my blog.

Wish me luck!  And I’d love your comments if you too suffer from blogaphobia!


3 thoughts on “Feeling the fear?”

  1. Woot…it’s on! Experiencing new things and seeing life through a different lens is super exciting. You are now a blogger and will see and experience through a blogger’s lens….enjoy it and share often. Congratulations 🙂

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